Food Allergen Awareness

The Food Allergen Awareness training is for all staff in the hospitality and retail food service sectors.

It takes approximately 1 to 2 hours and will cover the following:

  • Statutory requirements
  • 10 most common food allergens
  • Identifying allergen hazards in the workplace
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Improving staff allergen knowledge
  • Accurately responding to patron enquiries
  • What to do in an emergency

$20.00 incl GST

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  • Broadband internet
  • Latest version of a compatible web browser like Chrome (works best)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • A desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or large-sized smartphone.  Note with iPhones you will have to click “Done” for each video sequence

How you will be assessed

You will be assessed via a quiz presented after you have reviewed the learning material.  You will be required to answer all questions correctly online.  The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Learning outcome

On the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


Not applicable.

$20.00 inc GST